Best online learning platforms

Learning is a key skill for the digital era. I love learning and constantly renewing my self through self-study. Online learning platforms are great to learn new skills; they are affordable, convenient to use and provide variety of courses. Anyone can learn new skills easily at the comfort of their couch by using these platforms. As an avid learner, these are the top online learning platforms I can recommend:


Coursera is an online learning platform made by universities all over the world who share their classes online. Watching classes is free, but you will need to pay to get a certificate. They also offer plans for enterprises, so it’s also a great solution for company-wide learning. The level is academic, so you get high quality material, but it could sometimes be a bit theoretical. If you are looking for more hands-on trainings, keep scrolling 🙂


O’reilly is more focused on technical trainings, offering a variety of books and classes on hot engineering topics e.g. Big Data, AI, etc but also for Business/UX/Marketing. They also offer online webinars and learning paths, which makes it great for people looking to specialize in a certain domain. There is a monthly membership fee of 39$, but they do offer a free trial for 2 weeks to test it out. They also offer company memberships which makes it also ideal as a company-wide learning tool.

LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn learning is a part of LinkedIn, and used to be called before it was acquired by LinkedIn. It offers a variety of classes in many topics, with main focus on Business and Marketing. The advantage of it is that the classes are not too long, offer high-quality content and you can add the certificate of completion in your profile. It costs around 30$ / month and is part of the LinkedIn premium profile subscription.


Skillshare is an online learning platform which offers more hands-on classes, made mostly by people who are professional in a topic or share their hobby. It’s very affordable, starting from 8,25$/month or 99$ for a year-long membership. They offer a wide variety of classes on Design, Photography, Development, UX, Graphic Design, Business and many more topics. The advantage of Skillshare is that it offers practical classes which show you exactly how you can do something and you can apply your knowledge right-away through class projects. Test out Skillshare for 2 months free by using my link, you can change your mind anytime if not satisfied.


Similarly to Skillshare, Udemy offers classes by professionals and focuses on practical skills. However, the main difference with Skillshare is that you have to purchase classes one by one. Classes can cost anything between 1$ to more than 300$. This can end up too costly if you want to learn on a regular basis, but for a one-time use it could be a good solution to learn a new skill.